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Schnoodle puppies for sale 
we specializes in raising healthy and well-adjusted schnoodle puppies.
Toy TeddyBear Schnoodle,   next litter for sale in Tx
Schnoodle Puppy price.
We charge $1550.00 for all our puppies.
We do require a deposit,whether your on a wait list
or buying from the Nursery Pages.
Deposits are non-refundable unless your chosen puppy fails our vet check.

No Puppy will be held without a deposit.

Non Refundable Deposits $400. plus $16.00 PP fee,
or by personal check sent for $400.00,

Please read Health Agreement page,
when your ready to purchase a puppy.

Gabby had her pups 12-28-17 ready to join your family  end of Feb.
These 2 male puppies are going to be about 18-22 lbs. are black with white chest.
Lucy had her pups 1-1-18 ready to join your family  The end of  Feb. 
Lucy's pups will be 15-18 lbs.

Vargas Sire to both litters.
Will be black and silver.
Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper
Teddy Bear Schnoodles