We Breed for the healthiest and happiest puppies possible, with great temperments and loving personalities.
Raised in my home for constant attention. 
Puppies are evaluatated daily for temperment, and
how their personalities are developing for their age.
New Families will continue to develop their personality and
build on their great temperment by socializion.
By  7 week old they are happy, playful,sweet and loving.
Barrett's a  Texas Breeder of  Miniature Cockapoo & Teddy Bear Schnoodle puppies. Cockapoos Texas,  Schnoodles Texas
Puppy price.
We charge $1800.00 for all our puppies.
We do require a deposit,whether your on a wait list
or buying from the Nursery Pages.
Deposits are non- transferable.
Deposits are non-refundable unless your chosen puppy fails our vet check.

No Puppy will be held without a deposit.
Deposits are $300.00 plus the $12.00 PayPal fee.
You will be able to click on the                          on the
Health Agreement page,when your ready to purchase a puppy.
Please make sure your whole family is ready to take on this responsibility before making a deposit.
The Expecting Moms Wait List is for families that choose a Mom and Dad to choose a puppy from.
These puppies are not born and you just want a healthy puppy and have no preference as to gender or color.
Selection are in order deposit are received.
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Breeder of Cockapoos and Schnoodle Puppies in Texas.
Schnoodles puppies forsale in Texas,LA,MO,CA,MS.TN,
Please read
Health Agreement before making a deposit.
We only accept 3-4  Wait List deposits per litter.
For the litters that are full, we are making a e-mail  list that we will use to
notify you if there are enough puppies available beyond the initial Wait List.
Expecting Moms Wait List
Pick up is in
Mt.Pleasant Tx.75455