We are looking forward to updates and pictures from all our puppy families!

Hi Cheryl!

We just wanted to let you know how much we cherish our dear Finny! He has become the best companion and his love spreads
to anyone who meets him!! Good lord he is so special and we are so grateful to you for bringing him into our lives!!!
Best mini Schnoodle ever ;) ok so I m a bit prejudice, lol!! At 2.5 years old he is 10 lbs 6 oz of pure muscle
( well not really but we let him think it's all muscle, lol) he's so healthy and such a doll!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Ellen and Pete Marks
Hi Cheryl,

Attached are a few pictures of Blaze now at 1 year old.  You really cannot tell in the pictures, but he ended up with a good bit of brown mixed in on his back.  As a puppy, he was mainly white on the back with one or two brown spots.  He is such a good boy.  He loves meeting people and other dogs, and especially loves the grandchildren.  In one of the pictures, youíll see him and my youngest granddaughter taking a nap.
My wife and I couldnít be happier with how Blaze turned out.  His personality is about as good as it could be.  He plays when you want to play, yet heís also content just laying by your side on a recliner.  He always seems happy.  Blazeís weight has leveled off at 12 lbs.  Heís a good size for us.  He doesnít shed, so we donít find hair around the house.  We take him to the groomers every 3 months or so.  I think that learning to groom is in my near future!
People often comment about what a good dog Blaze is.  The credit always goes to you.  Our experience with you has been great.  Thank you so much
Best Regards,
Tom and Aleen Rabuck
Hi Cheryl, we hope all is well.  As promised, here are Bailey's 6 month old photos.  As I mentioned, he rarely sits still long enough to capture a good photo.  He is healthy and full of vim and vigor.  He is 9 lbs. 14 oz.  ( I told you the wrong weight last time).  He is going to have his neutering procedure Feb.4. We survived yesterday's blizzard and still managed to get some outside time, he loved the snow but we got about 20 inches so I had to carry him to the plowed areas.  He is a happy, funny, smart little guy and we love him. 
Kathleen March
Hi Cheryl
Buddy just completed his obedience training - he did really well!  He has gotten so big & is such a good boy & is so lovable! He's around 14 lbs now & next week he will be getting neutered & the chip will be put in - hope all is well with you & thank you again for our little Buddy!
AnnaMaria & Jerry

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